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Dr. Gibbs is an author, speaker, and occupational therapist by trade. Her work led her to study the brain and the hidden power within our nervous system. Her focus has been on those with neurological and developmental conditions (Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorders, Stroke, and Dementia).


"The online live seminar was excellent. Dr. Gibbs was a great presenter who was extremely knowledgeable. "

Sharon C РStors, Connecticut

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The intervention practices and approaches utilized by Dr. Gibbs are meant for us all! Self-Regulation is an amazing ability catalyzed by Mindful practices. It all starts with learning about our brains and the connection to our body. Dr. Gibbs developed basic concepts and delivery methods to teach children and adults alike.

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How to use the environment to address arousal and hyperactivity: Contextual Sensory Intervention (CSI)- The Science behind environmental stimulation and behavior

Self Regulation

Self Regulation

Understanding Self-Regulation and Successful Treatment Interventions: The Mind, Body, and Neurological Connections


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Trauma Treatment in ACTION

ACTION Over 85 Activities to Move Clients Toward Healing, Growth and Improved Functioning

Self-Regulation & Mindfulness

Step-by-step Dr. Gibbs provides you with clear, concise and evidence-based strategies for treating children with sensory processing disorder, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and similar developmental challenges.


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